Coffee for Non-Coffee Drinkers

I’m about to say something that will probably get me burned in the town square, but I will say it anyway…I hate coffee. I just don’t like the taste of it. I’ve had friends get me to try the frappo-brownie-choco-lattes or whatever the stuff is called at Starbucks and STILL…no dice. I’ve tried what people consider “the best coffee” in many cities and countries, and I have to just live with not liking the bitterness of coffee. The flavor overpowers all other flavors it mixes with. I’ve just gotten to the point of not being nauseated by the smell. BUT, why I do now drink the occasional coffee is because of the energy it gives me for a workout. Since I have to workout so early in the morning and my commute to them is usually about an hour, I need a little boost to help in powering me through. Don’t get me wrong, nothing is better than just getting enough sleep, but I’m still trying to practice that. So in the meantime, I’m finding a few ways to make coffee drinking more tolerable:


Start with the bean. A light coffee bean is usually described as fruity, floral, or citrusy. The lighter it is, the less bite it has, like a cute, little puppy. But quality is also key as well. These two brands make some of my favorite single-origin coffees and blends that I use at home to make pourover coffee, which in itself is a process, but helps cut the bitterness.




Mask it. Most people don’t really drink coffee. They drink a cup of milk and sugar with coffee in it. That’s because they are also trying to mask the taste, though they don’t want to admit it. I mostly drink my coffee black and unsweetened if I do a pourover. But if I didn’t have the 10 minutes in the morning to make it and I use the Nespresso at the office, I like to add nut milks to them. They add sweetness without the added sugar and they give it a smooth texture.



Baby steps: Go to the bottle. When I want the coffee effects, but I also want it to taste good without the sugar, I turn to REBBL for their cold-brew coconut milk blends. Each gives you the benefits of MCT oils, which are fats shown to help fuel you through a workout after a long fasting period, like sleeping, so it’s great to have first thing in the a.m. pre-workout. The protein version has what you might think, protein, to make it a good post-workout recovery drink in addition to other benefits.