Ife's Tips to Keep Fit While Traveling

I’m a big traveler, and while traveling, I always look for opportunities to keep fit in between devouring the local foods. Every location offers different opportunities to be active, with some creating unique and lasting experiences. Here are some things that I often do.


Check out the hotel gym.



Some times the hotel or local gym is just a treadmill and a pair of dumbbells. Other times, it’s one of the best fitness centers you’ve ever been to, like the one in the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. There, I was able to do personal training sessions with differing focuses like strength training and a martial arts/cardio hybrid. In any case, lace up and get to work, even if it’s for 30 minutes.


Download the app.



If the gym isn’t that fancy, as long as it has some basic equipment, there are great apps you can use to get you through a great gym workout. My favorite is the free Nike Training Club app. It has over 100 different workouts that you can filter through by intensity, interest, length, etc. It plays in a playlist style and each move has a video demo for you if you’re unfamiliar with it.


Take it outside.



If the hotel is problematic, take it outdoors. Many of these apps have workouts with just body weight movements. These movements can come in the form of strength training, Pilates, or yoga, and can be more intense than weighted exercises. And if these apps aren’t doing it for you, create your own workout from movements you know and love to hate, like push-ups, planks, squat jumps, split lunges, and more.


Run the city.



And if you can’t figure out, just lace up and go for a run. I use this as a great way to explore a new city. Run around town, down paths and alleys. Or I’ll go for a hike if trails are available. I use to enjoy running road races. Now I’ve given it up. But I enjoy running in a new environment.


Find a class.



If all fails, find a class. Many cities around the US and the rest of the world have gotten into boutique fitness and are prepared to give you a kick-ass session. Look online for great studios like Magnolia Yoga in New Orleans and book a morning workout before you enjoy the rest of your day on the road.